Friday, January 6, 2012

An Introduction

A new blog can be so exciting. It's tantamount to a new career or maybe a new project or entrepreneurial endeavor. So here we go; nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm a Financial Analyst and do personal finance and career consulting. I'm starting this up because these are things I'm passionate about. While there are a lot of great personal finance blogs out there I felt like I could be writing about the economy and policies as it effects the individual. So yes I plan to talk about the usual suspects (budgeting, saving, investing) as well as my favorite career related topics but I also plan to tie it in to the overall economic big picture showing how someone else's decisions seemingly well distant from the ordinary person can have such a big effect on how we all live our lives, spend our money, and plan for our financial futures. I look forward to connecting with the financial and career blogger communities.

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